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10 Snacks On The Go

My nutrition is so important to me. I know how poor nutrition impacts me, I feel fatigued, irritable, unmotivated, and just plain blah! So that's why I make sure that I'm prepared for meals and snacks at most times. I have been caught in a pickle before, traveling, running errands, or at an event that I end up needing something to snack on, and typically there's nothing that I would NORMALLY choose that's available. I either don't eat, and get hangry, or I eat something that I don't really want, and feel crumby after the fact.

So let's save ourselves the dilemma, and have a few of the on the go bites that will make everyones's life a little more pleasant.

1) Fruit that's easy to travel with ( Apples, Bananas, Oranges, etc.)

2) Raw Nut Mix ( Pack them in a container so you don't end up eating 2,000 kcal out of the bag, not that I've ever done that.)

3) Lara Bars( My favorite: lemon, and coconut cream pie)


4) RX Bars( My Favorite: Maple Sea Salt, and Peanut Butter)


5) Plantain ( should just be plantain, coconut oil, and sea salt)


6) Bare Fruit chips( banana and apple are the cleanest)


7) Hard Boiled Eggs

8) Cut up carrots/celery with nut butter ( I like Sunbutter, but make sure there's no added sugar)

9)Snack Bento Box( Include things like a turkey roll up or egg, avocado, veggies, nuts, or fruit)


10) A small container of leftovers from your prep day ( this is the most satisfying for me, and keeps me full the longest)

Eating real food can take a little extra time, but when we prioritize our health over the many other things that do not bring us wellness and joy, we can create a habit worth keeping. :)

Happy Snacking Friends.

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