Blue Door Bakery

Clean and Simple ingredients to fuel your healthy lifestyle

The name was created as my husband and I were walking through London one day discussing how I could take my passion preparing minimally processed food that supported local farmers and make it a reality. I kept talking about the architecture in that city and how the white washed brick buildings and blue doors gave me such a happy feeling. He responded by saying that I should call my bakery "The Blue Door Bakery!" And so I did. 

 My intentions are to offer foods that are  locally sourced, and cleanly prepared. That means no processed oils, sugars, enriched grains, or anything that is not a whole food. I will be supporting local farmers as often as I am able to.


I specialize in breads and european style cooking. The breads I make are made without instant yeast. Instead, a starter is used (made only from organic flour and water) that has attracted natural yeasts from the surroundings. The dough "ferments" for well over 24 hours before baking, improving both the flavor, texture and the digestibility of the bread.

Come see the Blue Door Bakery in action at your local farmers market or place a custom order below!

Where to find us

We're at market day every Saturday morning at Gather.

11:00 am - 5:00 pm


920 Mt. Hermon Rd. Midlothian, VA 23112

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