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Meet Rachel Hicks

Certified Yoga Instructor • Nutritionist • Wellness Coordinator

Wellness has always been my passion. Throughout my career, I've worked to master several different facets of wellness, so that I can help people and businesses make healthy, effective changes in their lives.

I have experience in:

  • Developing, managing, and implementing corporate wellness programs for companies big and small

  • Researching and regulating nutritional information for supplement programs

  • Crafting personalized nutrition programs for athletes of all levels

  • Creating and hosting seminars on nutrition, yoga, and mobility

  • Teaching yoga classes of all levels, sizes

  • Developing and hosting retreats focusing on living a clean and simple  life.


I'm originally from the beautiful state of Maine. Growing up there was the catalyst for my love of nature and it allowed me to be truly appreciative of being outside. I'm a graduate of the University of Maine with my focus being in Food Science & Nutrition. I believed then and even more now (10 years later), that how we "fuel" our bodies and how often we move will dictate how happy and full our lives are. 


My mission with my business is to offer you all the resources you may need to in order to live a clean and simple life. Simplicity is the ticket to happiness.


I invite you to join me on this awesome journey to find out how food, yoga, and nature will change your life. 

Thank you and be well!


Why Live the Clean and Simple Life?

Enrich your life with all that we offer...


Fostering connections are so important to centering ourselves. Let us help you connect with one another, with nature, and with yourself by organizing a retreat for your friends, family, or workplace.

Balance Through Yoga

Through the art of yoga, you can find balance and calm while also putting your body to the test. We offer both private and group yoga classes at various levels to cater to minds and bodies of all kinds.

Whole Ingredients • Nutrition Plans

The approach to our nutrition plan is a simple approach, which makes it easy to achieve success and gain better health. The plan that's developed is personalized and created around Whole Foods, Eating Local, Food Prep, and Recipes. When working towards better health it is important to know the foods YOUR body needs and what foods YOUR body needs to avoid. The plan supplies you with  support and resources that will make is easy for you to stay on track know what eat for your body's health.

Shared Experience

We're all in this together, and we all struggle with the similar challenges when it comes to clean and simple living. We overcome them by sharing our experiences and helping one another. Checkout the blog for more support, and guest posts from trusted resources.

Wellness Programs

Experience in corporate wellness programs gives us the tools we need to help shape your workplace environment and steer your employees towards a clean and simple life.

Scientific Proof

Using natural resources to support our vision is the backbone of our business. But we're also consistently on the  forefront of scientific innovation to ensure that we have the most up-to-date research to back up our claims and provide you with the most pertinent health and wellness info available. 




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